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This product is no longer available. Intus Healthcare no longer sell D-Mannose. We hope you are able to source this elsewhere, though we do not have a recommended alternative supplier. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, and we thank all of our customers who chose us for their supply over the years. This page is provided for reference only.

This product is no longer available. Intus Healthcare no longer sell D-Mannose. We hope you are able to source this elsewhere, though we do not have a recommended alternative supplier. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, and we thank all of our customers who chose us for their supply over the years. This page is provided for reference only.

Natural D-Mannose can help provide relief from bladder discomfort

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What is D-Mannose?

Natural D-Mannose is totally safe to take and has no known side-effects. D-Mannose is a naturally occurring simple sugar, closely related (in chemical terms) to glucose and is found in small quantities in some fruits, such as cranberries. Although small amounts of D-Mannose are made by our bodies; if we consume large amounts, it is promptly excreted into the urine, which is the reason why taking D-Mannose helps heal and maintain a healthy bladder.

Natural D-Mannose

Why take Natural D-Mannose?

As a glyconutrient, D-Mannose has many health benefits, but its ability to help maintain a healthy bladder and kidneys is the property most researched. Unfortunately, we are not legally allowed to inform you of these benefits as this would be construed as 'making claims', so we suggest you investigate D-Mannose yourself on the internet as there is much valuable information to be found.

See this Healthy Pages Article which explains how D-Mannose offers cystitis relief.

D-Mannose is a harmless natural sugar, safe for anyone (male or female) as well as small children and pregnant women. Since it is absorbed in the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract and never reaches the intestines, it doesn't disrupt the normal bacterial growth in that area. Also due to the speed at which it is excreted in the urine, it can be safely taken by diabetics.

Natural D-Mannose vs. Synthetic

Up until a few years ago, D-Mannose could ONLY be made synthetically in a laboratory, as no method for readily producing Natural D-Mannose was available. That process was finally discovered and mastered. We now import Natural D-Mannose into the U.K. Why is Natural better than Synthetic? We use a simple analogy as an answer. Nature is generally 'pretty perfect' and our bodies often respond better to just natural substances. Our product is simply pure D-Mannose with no fillers, additives or preservatives and is of the highest quality. The body knows what is natural, so give it the best chance to do what it does best. If you find 'cheap' mannose it may well be synthetic and you can taste the difference - it will generally be slightly bitter instead of sweet after taste.

Our Natural D-Mannose is a simple sugar which naturally occurs in certain foods, such as cranberries.

How To Use Natural D-Mannose?

While D-Mannose is safe for long-term use, it does not necessarily need to be taken for long periods of time. Take one teaspoon every couple of hours until relief from bladder infection is felt, then drop down to a couple of teaspoons per day until you feel back to normal. It can then be taken at a lower dose as a preventative or simply periodically, as and when you feel you need it. The normal dosage is a level teaspoon (approx. 2 grams) at a time.

D-Mannose is available as a powder and being a sugar it has a mild, sweet, inoffensive taste. It can be mixed with juice or milk or tea but is most rapidly absorbed when taken with water. Ensure enough liquid is taken that it is absorbed but not so much that it is too diluted. This is normally around ½ pint.

Each 50 gram supply of Natural D-Mannose comes in a food grade grip seal bag which closes easily for optimum storage.

Probiotic supplements following antibiotic treatment for cystitis

If this is not the first time you've had cystitis, then you may well have taken one or many courses of antibiotics. As you are probably aware, although they do help kill off the bacteria causing the infection, they also drastically reduce your numbers of beneficial or friendly bacteria that live in your gut, vagina and respiratory tract. The loss of these unfortunately leave you more susceptible to future bladder infections, and can lead to digestive problems. To help combat this problem, it is ideal to replace the beneficial bacteria with a probiotic supplement. See here for more info.

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Average review rating of this product
  • I now take D-Mannose on a maintenance basis: Review by -

    I first started suffering bouts of UTI sometime in late 2002. I was then 67 years old. These were usually associated with a cold or flu. I could not say which was causing which. My doctor usually prescribed an antibiotic. The UTI�s became more frequent and severe. They were great problems especially while travelling as I found I could not be far from a loo or for too long. I persuaded my doctor to let me have medication to take with me.

    Being concerned about the repeated bouts of UTI I had myself checked by an urologist during the past year. After many tests, I was diagnosed a few months ago as having bph (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), i.e. an enlarged prostate which is a normal aging process. This reduces complete evacuation of the bladder so infections can occur in the retained urine.

    I came across D-Mannose while browsing the Internet some 18 months ago. I started taking D-Mannose in about March 2006. Since then I have been free from both UTI�s and colds.

    I now take D-Mannose on a maintenance basis - a level teaspoon dissolved in water once a day.

  • Cystitis has been a real nuisance: Review by -

    Cystitis has been a real nuisance for me, but since I have taken D-Mannose I have felt a great improvement to the bladder, now about to order some more.

  • Keeping the cystitis bugs away: Review by -

    Having experienced a number of episodes of cystitis over the last year, I "googled" in search of a cure.
    I read about the fact that D-Mannose is what is contained in that awful drink, Cranberry. I thought D-Mannose might be worth a try.
    I have been taking "a teaspoon a day" over the past few weeks and have not had any cystitis symptoms since.
    I have not yet had cause to use the D-Mannose to cure cystitis, but certainly feel that it is responsible for keeping the cystitis bugs away.

  • I have suffered from cystitis for at least 10 years before I heard about d-mannose. In the past I had to take antibiotics at least once a year and spend a small fortune on herbal teas and cranberry juice. When I was 10 weeks pregnant I came down with cystitis and was really worried about taking the antibiotics that the GP had described. I left them in the cupboard and tried d-mannose instead knowing that I could always take them if the pain became unbearable. D-mannose did the trick! I was so relieved at the time that I did not have to take the antibiotics!! Try it! I have recommended it to my sister and various friends. They all swear by it!

  • Impressed!: Review by -

    I couldn't find any other product that helped with my cystitis as much as this one! Most other products have a horrible taste that puts you off taking it but this has almost no taste. It helped relieve and banish symptoms more quickly than anything I had tried before. I was really impressed!

  • Confident that it is helping: Review by -

    I have recently had a bad bout of uti and have tried d-mannose for the first time. So far I am quietly confident that it is helping, so I shall carry on with the treatment.

  • D Mannose changed my life: Review by -

    D Mannose has changed my life!! I could not survive without it! I have suffered with water infections for years and this is the only thing that works! Thank you d mannose

  • I will be buying more: Review by -

    The d-mannose worked but now I have nearly finished my pack I can feel my water infection is still there. I think I will be buying more then 50g as maybe that wasn't enough to help me.

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