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 Natural D-Mannose Powder - 50g Bag

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Natural D-Mannose Powder - 50g Bag

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Product Review (submitted on 16 July 2007):
I first started suffering bouts of UTI sometime in late 2002. I was then 67 years old. These were usually associated with a cold or flu. I could not say which was causing which. My doctor usually prescribed an antibiotic. The UTI�s became more frequent and severe. They were great problems especially while travelling as I found I could not be far from a loo or for too long. I persuaded my doctor to let me have medication to take with me.

Being concerned about the repeated bouts of UTI I had myself checked by an urologist during the past year. After many tests, I was diagnosed a few months ago as having bph (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), i.e. an enlarged prostate which is a normal aging process. This reduces complete evacuation of the bladder so infections can occur in the retained urine.

I came across D-Mannose while browsing the Internet some 18 months ago. I started taking D-Mannose in about March 2006. Since then I have been free from both UTI�s and colds.

I now take D-Mannose on a maintenance basis - a level teaspoon dissolved in water once a day.
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